Posture Beads is an innovative and artful necklace that promotes postural awareness.
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"I use these with clients. I am an Alexander Technique teacher and the beads remind people they have backs especially when working on a computer. Great teaching tool. "

Kit Racette

"I'm so very grateful to have come across this product and the lovely Maria. Not only did I receive the most amazing, kind and authentic customer service but these Posture Beads have been a great reminder to be more conscious of my posture. Due my posture I've experienced extreme pain and discomfort and now I can say that I've completely transformed my posture. I'm aware of what good proper posture feels like."

Jayne Ramroop



"Since seeing Posture Beads on Dragon's Den, my curiosity relating to bettering my posture has gotten the best of me. Posture Beads are beautiful but have also brought me so much awareness as to my own body alignment and how much better I can feel with such a small change in my positioning. They make for an easier day at work, more comfortable walks and travel and generate others curiosity as well due to their cool style, and i love to fill people in on what might be a lifesaver for them too! "

Erin Smith

"Awareness is not only an important aspect of our spiritual journey, but also needed to foster the health of our bodies. For true health, mindfulness needs to be practiced; mind, body and spirit. Regarding the genius innovation of Posture Beads, we are able to be more mindful and aware of the spinal alignment as we go through various motions and activities, thus providing better overall health. The Central Nervous System contained in the spine connects to all systems and organs. A spine out of alignment can cause weakness and imbalances in the body. I highly recommend the use of Posture Beads to bring awareness, mindfulness and health as part of a holistic regimen."

Kriste Latouf
Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
Certified Reflexologist

"I have been wearing Posture Beads for the last 4 years and LOVE them ! Not only are they functional in the sense that they assist with proper bending/lifting motion but they match my clothes in and out of the office." Darlene Bernard Auditor, Region of Peel

"Posture Beads helps improve my overall posture which has helped make my day to day life easier due to less back pain."

Elizabeth Stokes

"I love my posture beads! Aside from the amazing compliments that I get from everyone when I wear them, the weight of the stone pendant is a constant reminder to sit straight and walk properly. My kids even remind me if they see the beaded strand unaligned with my spine! My posture beads have made not only myself, but my whole family more aware of their posture, reminding us of the benefits of strength, confidence and fitness that come with having proper posture. They are a definite back saver when I have to spend the day at the computer!" Autumn Rae Teacher and Mother of 2

"As an oil-rig worker, and a Taiji practitioner for close to ten years I am convinced that posture is important, and affects a wide range of our experience and well-being. I tried wearing Posture Beads and they work! I liked the look of them, but for safety while I worked, I wore the necklace underneath my clothes. It was still exceptionally effective; the pedant and beads together remind the wearer to lift and move with integrity in better and safer alignment and posture. It wasn't in the way, and the weight distribution is well-centered from front to back. I even wore them driving to work -it helps there as well, maintaining a natural s-curve in the lumbar area as you sit and recline. The pedant on the front is exceptionally beneficial in bringing awareness to keep one's chest and heart area open and relaxed. This is of vital importance; I highly recommend this phenomenal product for anyone who cares for their loved ones, and their own health, happiness, and posture. What a simple, comfortable genius!" Ryan Johnson, Tai Chi Practitioner of 10 years, Oil Rig Worker