Posture Beads is an innovative and artful necklace that promotes postural awareness.
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How to Use Posture Beads


By becoming conscious of your posture with Posture Beads, you are taking an important step to bringing about change - awareness!

Posture Beads is a necklace that hangs around your neck, with the pendant in front and with the strand of beads behind. To use Posture Beads for the betterment of your posture, be attentive to the position of the strand of beads – feel them, focus on keeping them close to the centre of your back throughout the day. Posture Beads has a unique feel. The back beads provide a gentle and constant reminder about your posture. It goes where you go, it moves with you. Your Posture Beads necklace is a great way for you to be conscious and aware of the way you use and position your whole body. This awareness will improve your posture.
You will notice that if you bend down with a curved or contorted back, or too quickly, the back beads will swing all the way to the front of your chest. Every time you do this, you may be putting undue pressures on your body. Bend comfortably, erect, balanced and with good form and the back beads stay centred along your back. As you continue to work on keeping the beads in close alignment with your spine, your heightened awareness will alert you of postural pitfalls. You will delight as the beads swing less, as your posture improves. Learning a squatting bend can be very beneficial to your overall health. If you lean or slouch against the back of your seat you will feel the back beads gently press against your back. This gives an indication that you are slouching against your seat. This gentle prompt reminds you to sit with better posture, and is especially beneficial to those who spend extended periods working at a desk or computer.
We recommend that all who wear Posture Beads do so with a healthy understanding of body alignment and movement from a bodywork practitioner or program.

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