Posture Beads is an innovative and artful necklace that promotes postural awareness.
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Back in the spring of 2011, while Maria Latouf was nursing her son, Nestah, she noticed back strain and discomfort. As a yoga practitioner, she was experienced with optimal body alignment, but still found it difficult to maintain while holding her baby. It was then that idea of a posture aid necklace came to her. Her first design was very simple necklace with a weight on front and a long tail in the back. Friends saw her wearing it wanted one. Maria began making them, making refinements with the design and getting more stylish and creative with the back bead tail. During this time Maria was also Caregiver for her ailing Grandfather, who had sadly suffered from a lifetime of less than optimal postural alignment, and the negative accumulations of that on his body. This further encouraged her to develop her posture reminder necklace in the hopes that it could help redirect herself and others from this same fate.

Soon, she was spending a lot of time making necklaces, and began to think about how Posture Beads could help other mothers and yoga students. This was daunting. She a single parent and had no business experience, though she had worked as an herbalist-- spending her extra time in her garden and home apothecary, crafting inspired herbal tonics and remedies. She researched postural aid necklaces and was surprised to find no other products in the market. This got her thinking even more about what might be possible.

In 2012, she applied for a patent and began pursuing her entrepreneurial dream of bringing Posture Beads into the larger market. She wrote a business plan and looked for help. Originally, she thought she would just license the product, but she found business partners in the US who shared her concern around fair trade issues. Together, they've worked to develop a solid foundation, creating the foundations necessary for broad distribution of Posture Beads and related accessories. Posture Beads is now available in several different designs including some matching earring and bracelet sets, with more on the way, and we hope you enjoy yours!